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Turner Surveyors are experienced in the monitoring of construction works in progress. 

Most clients, especially within the domestic markets, do not have construction knowledge, and therefore will not know whether construction is being carried out correctly or to the required standard. Turner Surveyors can be appointed in Clerk of Works roles to monitor and report on the works in progress, making appropriate comment to the Contract Administrator, therefore being the 'quality control' for the client on site.

Turner Surveyors have experience of carrying out snagging inspections of construction work. An example of this is where a client is buying a new home, and requires the home to be to the correct standard. He appoints Turner Surveyors, in agreement with the contractor, to carry out a snagging inspection prior to purchase. This is often called a 'pre-handover inspection'. The contractor can then attend to the snagging items as identified, ensuring the client buys the property in the correct completed condition. A 'handover inspection' is often carried out, listing snags that remain at completion to be attended to after purchase.

When a dispute arises as to quality, or correct construction, Turner Surveyors can provide an inspection and provide an independent report. This can often settle disputes between contractors and clients, particularly in the domestic market. 

A watching brief is a role where the surveyor has no power to influence works, make comment on site, but purely observes on construction works and reports back to his client on items such as quality, suitability and progress. This role is used where a client proposes to acquire a property following construction works, although until he/her purchases, have no direct interest. By appointing Turner Surveyors to operate under a watching brief, the client can make decisions based on the reports on such important matters as to whether the quality is of a standard for the purchase to go ahead. A watching brief must be agreed with the contractor, as obviously the surveyor will require access to the works. 

Turner Surveyors have experience of the role of independent certifier under several PFI contracts. Here the surveyor is independent to all parties, commenting on quality and stating whether the construction is complete under a set of 'completion criteria'.  




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