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Building Defects

All components of a building, and therefore all buildings, have a limited lifespan. Elements wear out, erode, become worn or decayed, and generally fail with time. Alternatively they may be constructed incorrectly, having the wrong construction details or just plainly the wrong component being used. 

Defects can manifest themselves in a building in many ways. Common faults are damp to the interior of a building or water penetrating. Cracking is often a concern - is it normal thermal movement and acceptable, or is it subsidence?

Whatever the defect, and however it becomes manifest, Turner Surveyors can inspect and provide an appropriate report. This report will identify the problem, investigate the reasons, and provide recommendations for resolution of the defect. 

Please note that often there may be several reasons for the same problem, and therefore several remedies, and therefore we will attempt the order the most cost effective and appropriate remedies first. 

Should you have a building defect you wish to be investigated, please don't hesitate to contact us. 




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